Add to Feedly Bookmarklet for Subscribing to RSS Feeds

Update : This project has taken a life of its own and can now be found at

Like many former Google Reader users, I’ve moved my RSS subscriptions over to Feedly which offers a pleasant reading experience on both their website and Android App. For some time, the Feedly Chrome Extension came loaded with Feedly Mini, a widget that sat at the bottom right corner of any webpage and would allow you to easily subscribe to the site’s RSS feed. Sadly, this feature was removed some time ago and it doesn’t look like it will be coming back.

Add to Feedly Bookmarklet

  • When activated, Feedly opens in a new tab allowing you to come back to the original post more easily
  • It properly detects the website’s RSS feed when other feeds (such as comments) are present in the <head>

To use this bookmarket, simply drag the button bellow into your bookmarks bar.

If you like, you’re welcome to use the source.




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