Hi, I'm Seb.

I'm Sebastien Couture, a podcaster and entrepreneur based in Paris, France.

I'm the Founder of Interop, a staking infrastructure provider and venture fund supporting protocols and primitives embracing the vision of sovereign, interoperable, proof-of-stake blockchains. Our current focus is the Interchain ecosystem.

Interop is the main organizer of Nebular Summit, a conference dedicated to the Cosmos and Interchain ecosystem. The inaugural event in Paris in July 2022 brought together 50 speakers and 300 participants for a full day of talks, panels, and technical workshops.

Sebastien Couture at At Nelson Mandela Garden in Paris
At Nelson Mandela Garden in Paris

Here are a few podcasts I host:

  • The Interop: Technical deep dives with the entrepreneurs and developers building the decentralized economics networks which make up the Interchain.
  • Epicenter: Simply the best tech podcast covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Since 2013, Epicenter has been downloaded over 10 million times and produced over 500 episodes of in-depth, enlightening interviews with crypto founders and builders.
  • The Zen Crypto Show: Teaches people the basics about crypto and blockchain so they can feel more comfortable investing in the future of finance. This podcast was produced in collaboration with ZenGo.

Some of my previous gigs:

  • In 2015, I co-founded Stratumn, a VC-backed startup providing document and process traceability solutions to financial institutions.
  • A passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast, I co-founded and was ¬†Communications Director of Adan from 2020 to 2021, an industry association that promotes the development of the French and European crypto asset and blockchain industry.
  • In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I co-organized Reset Everything in April 2020, an online conference on rethinking old paradigms in times of crisis.

Born and raised in New Brunswick Canada, I'm a proud Acadian and have lived in France since 2007.